TORKELSON'S COMP.-- $168,641
Salary -- $137,937; Benefits -- $30,704
(2nd highest paid of state's 424 administrators)
ACT AND DPI SCORES -- 16.6 & 61.9
(Lowest of 21 Northern WI schools)
MERCER $25,281
Wisconsin $12,842

National $10,667

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Try to Figure This One Out
The Mercer School Board Monday night voted a pay increase for Administrator Erik Torkelson which will probably place him among the 10 highest paid of Wisconsin’s 424 administrators.  The board voted 3 to 1 to increase his base pay to $113,500 from $98,000 a year, a whopping 16% increase.
Torkelson’s base pay isn’t what could make him one of the highest paid administrators in the state.  It’s what he might actually take home.  Last year, even with a base pay of $98,000, he managed to take home $132,049 in cash, plus benefits of $29,296, for a total of $161,336.
No one seems to be able to explain how he managed to receive an extra $34,049 in base pay without any apparent School Board approval, which would have been required.
So, at a new base pay of $113,500, and if he is manages to take another unexplained $35,000 in cash, plus $30,000 in benefits, he could end up with a total compensation package of more than $178,000.   Even the State Superintendent of Public Instruction receives only $121,307 a year.
Torkelson's salary was heatedly debated during a two-hour long closed  session of the school board.  The loan dissenter to the increase when the vote was taken was Christa Reinert, who regularly represents Mercer taxpayer and student interests.
Micki Pierce Holmstrom, who as a realator is working for Torkelson in an attempt sell his Manitowish Waters home, made the motion to increase his base pay.  The motion was seconded by Noel Brandt, and, of course, Torkelson supporter Deanna Pierpont voted “yes”.  Torkelson’s mother-in-law and board member Kelly Kohegyi had to abstain from voting because of the family relationship.
Not bad pay for the administrator of a school with an ACT composite score of only 18.1, which ranks it well below other schools and below the state average of 20.1.


Anonymous said...

A RAISE OF $15,500.00 !!!! Are they nuts on the Mercer School Board or what?

The obvious answer is YES, because they did it!

THAT'S A 15.8% RAISE!!! For only working 50% of the day....

The poor teachers get maybe a 2% raise.

What is wrong with the people in Mercer? Can they be that stupid too?

I'll bet some folks in Mercer are lucky to make %15,500.00 per year.

Anonymous said...

It's like a cult!!! One man leads and they all follow.

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid doers!

Anonymous said...

Please note that Christa Reinert is not a part of this "cult." She has been fighting for the taxpayers and students and is being resisted by the rest of the board and Torkelson who are representing ONLY their self-interests.