TORKELSON'S COMP.-- $168,641
Salary -- $137,937; Benefits -- $30,704
(2nd highest paid of state's 424 administrators)
ACT AND DPI SCORES -- 16.6 & 61.9
(Lowest of 21 Northern WI schools)
MERCER $25,281
Wisconsin $12,842

National $10,667

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

$168,641 and Headed for $184,000+
The Mercer School District set another unsavory record with Administrator Erik Torkelson’s total compensation package possibly making him the second highest paid of the state’s 424 administrators on a cost per student basis.
For 2016-17 Torkelson’s total take-home package was equal to $1,259 per student.  For the prior year it was $1,204.
Mercer School records show that for the school year 2016-17 Torkelson took home $168,641 in salary and benefits.  For the 2015-16 he took home $161,336, which made him the 11th highest paid administrator in the state.  State records for 2016-17 are not as yet available, but based on year-earlier data Torkelson could move up into the 9th highest paid position.
His contract in 2015-16 and 2016-17 provided for a base pay of $98,000 plus benefits of about $15,000.  No one is able to explain and there was no apparent school board approval for him to take home $121,307 and $131,040 in cash for each of the years.  His base pay was raised to $113,500 for the new 2017-18 school year by the board at its June meeting.
On a pro forma basis with a new base pay of $113,500 and 2016-17 benefits of $37,601, plus an unexplained $33,040 in cash, Torkelson’s 2017-18 booty could reach more than $184,000. 
And this with a dismal Mercer school composite ACT score of 18.1 which is far below the state average of 20.1.


Anonymous said...

Even if he is the lowest paid, he does not earn his money.

Anonymous said...

Everyone frets about the administrator's ridiculous salary but nobody does anything about it. Like firing him and getting someone in who can do the job at a realistic price.