Contract $98,000; Benefits $30,000
Wis. DPI Supt. comp. $121,307
Cost per student Mercer $20,146,
Wis. $12,942, Nation $10,667
ACT comp. score Mercer 17.0,
Wis. 19.6, Lakeland UHS 20.0,
Hurley 18.7; perfect score 36.0
Mercer DPI Report Card score
lowest of all 422 Wis. schools

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Acting President Reacts

Another blog comment has been submitted to Mercer School Facts which is again is too important to be overlooked.  This one comes from Acting School Board President Karl Anderson.  In a very candid manner, Karl explains some nefarious and possibly illegal activities of School Board members who deliberately absented themselves from two School Board meetings in a row.
Karl Anderson March 26, 2019 at 9:16 AM
So for the second month in a row the Mercer School Board of Education was unable to conduct its monthly meeting due to a lack of a quorum. For the second month in a row the board president, treasurer and clerk did not show up for the meeting. I did plan to see the meeting through as we did in February, but changed my mind when informed by a knowledgeable Vic Ouimette that Robert's Rules of Order would require to acknowledge we did not have a quorum, announce the next regularly scheduled meeting and adjourn. That is the best course of action so as to avoid any possible implication that we were attempting to conduct business. It was my full intention, during my "board report" to provide the audience with a view of what transparency looks like. I intended to disclose to the public that earlier in the day I had self-reported to the Iron County District Attorney and Iron County Sheriff's Dept. that an illegal meeting of the board had taken place. This was in the form of a walking quorum via email transmission. The email string started with Noel Brandt emailing the entire board that he would be reviewing and approving the agenda for the March meeting. He claimed that he had this right because he was still the board president as no action had been taken to accept his resignation at the February meeting. I responded to Noel's email (copying the entire board with a cautionary notation of "No Reply Necessary"). In my email I informed Noel that the district was in receipt of his letter of resignation and with the lack of a quorum at the Feb. meeting, I had given it to Erik Torkelson to be placed in the school safe until action could be taken on it. I pointed out that per WI. Statute 17.01 (13), the resignation was effective on the date indicated on the letter, which was February 25, 2019. Later that same day, the entire board received an email from Deanna Pierpont saying that "president Brandt withdrew his resignation". At this point, if I was to believe that Noel was actually withdrawing his resignation, we now had a quorum of board members conversing on a given topic that definitely has a direct impact on the district. This constituted an illegal meeting of the board in the form of a walking quorum. I refuse to be part of an illegal meeting and actually called the District Attorney's office on Friday, March 22, to report this occurrence. I was unable to talk with the DA but made an appointment to talk with him on Monday, which I did. I forwarded the entire email string to the Iron County Sheriff's dept. per the DA's request. I felt it important for the public to know this occurred. I know that this blog is read by many in the community, both supporters and detractors of mine, so I find that it is a fine means of getting that information out to the public. You have read it for yourself, no spin, just the facts. I trust you will see what is happening here. I fully expect to be scolded by the school board attorney for my actions and be scorned by the majority of the board as well. This is of no concern to me, I've done what is right under the circumstances.











  1. Karl, thank you for hanging in there and doing the right thing. It has to be a heavy weight on your and Christa's shoulders.

    I am so hopeful that Christa gets re-elected and that Jim Hannemann is elected this year. I know I count on three of you to recognize right from wrong.

    Good Luck!

  2. Anonymous March 26, 2019 at 9:29 AM
    Torkelson unwittingly made a fool out of one of his stooges at last night’s school board meeting. He said he had in front of him copies of all the all pages given to Christa Reinert in response to her open records requests. Guess what. The copies were about one half inch high. Quite a bit of difference from the photo of the more than foot high stack of papers the stooge had with his Letter to the Editor.
    Anonymous March 26, 2019 at 10:05 AM
    The same stooge in his letter to editor said that Chrisa Reinert’s raising questions at the school board meetings was “negative behavior ie anger, disruptive, bullying”. Doesn’t he realize that several people have recorded these meetings and his lie makes him look stupid? I understand one person has recorded every school board meeting going back several years. During the time Christa has been on the board her questioning has only been polite and calm, like last night. What’s in it for this guy to deliberately lies about something that can be proven by the recordings? Must be worth something.

  3. Karl, Mercer is behind you 100%. Well maybe not 100% because we do have that handful of idiots who have been conned into accepting a very corrupt situation.

  4. April 2nd is exactly 1 week away. I wonder what other illegal shenanigans Mr T will try to pull before the school board election? I’m sure we will have victory for the honest candidates! The good people of Mercer are fed up! VOTE for Christa Reinert and Jim Hannemann!

  5. Its sad to see the Bob Davis I thought I knew join up with a bunch whose only interest is protecting their perks and payola and willing to protect an administrator who knows nothing about educating our kids but only ripping off the Mercer people for as much as he can get., And Davis calls them good people.

    1. I know him too and I’m also surprised. Hey, Bob, the pay as a school board member isn’t good enough to sacrifice your ethics.

    2. CORRECTION. Davis didn’t call these Torkelson stooges “good” people he called them “wonderful” people. What a distorted sense of values.

  6. Another person has (unknowingly) discredited the phony photo of an appearing more than foot high stack of paper included with a Letter to the Editor which the author falsely represented as copies of all the documents Christa Reinert had received in response to her public records requests. Torkelson had in front of him at the March School Board meeting a stack of papers which he said were copies of the documents and appeared to be about one-half inch high to those up close and in a good position to the view the pages. But now comes forth a person who said it was four inches high even though she was perched on her customary roost at the very rear of the meeting room and couldn’t possibly have had a good view of the pages. Whether a half-inch or four inches high there is agreement that the Letter to the Editor photo was phony.