Cost per student Mercer $25,097,
Wis. $13,505, Nation $11,762
ACT comp. score Mercer 17.0,
Wis. 19.6, Lakeland UHS 20.0,
Hurley 18.7; perfect score 36.0
Mercer DPI Report Card score
lowest of all 421 Wis. districts

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

News FLASH!!!


The Mercer School again remained below the two area schools and the state average with its 2018-19 ACT scores, just announced by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Mercer had a composite score of 17.0 compared with Lakeland Union’s 20.0 and Hurley’s 18.7.  The statewide average composite score for all 422 school districts was 19.6.

This marked the third consecutive year in which the Mercer School had dismal ACT composite scores – 18.4 in 2017-18 and 16.6 in 2016-17.  Similar results were posted in earlier years.

Following is a comparison of the composite scores for the three most recent years for Mercer, Lakeland Union, Hurley and Statewide.  Also following is breakdown of the scores by subjects.


                             2018-19   2017-18   2016-17

Mercer               17.0           18.4           16.6

Lakeland           20.0           20.6           20.1

Hurley                18.7           19.5           18.5

Statewide         19.6           19.8           20.0


                                    Mercer     Lakeland UHS  Hurley      Statewide

Composite       17.0           20.0                    18.7           19.6

ELA (1)                 16.5           18.4                    17.0           18.0

English               16.4           19.2                    18.1           18.4

Math                  15.7           20.0                    17.8           19.4

Reading             18.1           20.1                    19.3           20.0

Science              17.2           20.0                    19.3           19.9

STEM (2)            16.7           20.3                    18.8           19.9

Writing (3)         6.2             6.3                       5.7             6.3

(1)   ELA – Combines English language arts scores

(2)  STEM – Combines science and math scores

(3)   Writing score is rated 1 to 12; for all others 36 is the highest score



  1. I can still see Kelly's s*** eating grin as she would boast the whole school is on high honor roll when she was on the school board.

    Those poor students, the poor taxpayers, swindled by a snake oil salesman.

  2. Even with cheating the school can't do well on the ACT scores! What a sad situation!! Let's hope they look into this!
    The big Hollywood stars are getting punished for helping their children, there's no difference to me!!!!

    1. You have to realize that this directly correlates to cheating on state tests. If the state tests come back high, and the ACT are terrible, that shows a hint of cheating. When I took the ACT roughly 12-14 years ago while at Mercer, we had to go to Ironwood to take it. In a room proctored by a professional. Not a teacher who would give answers. (PS I scored a 24 and teachers at Mercer made me think I wasn’t good enough then).

  3. Does Nehring still think the rest of us are idiots

  4. These ACT scores should b considered criminal. The district is paying a math teacher over $50k plus the board approved spending thousands more on the ASCEND MATH program and the daily student schedule was adjusted two years ago to utilize the ASCEND MATH program. And the current math composite is 15.7! Absolutely unreal. And there are staff members children in this class! So I guess "WHEN YOU R ALL IN", you r all in even at the expense of your own children's education and future. GO TIGERS!!

    1. For those math results we paid the teacher $67,312.79 in salary and benefits last year.

    2. There used to be a good math teacher, but as I have heard that person did not want to go along with the testing shenanigans. Fortunate;y this person was lucky to escape Mercer.

  5. You can't totally blame the school. With all the information that is available to the parents, they should have been coming into School Board meetings with their complaints and questions.

    They are also so happy that their children were getting A's. It didn't matter that they may be only doing C work. And there is nothing wrong with a C.

    The other problems with the Mercer culture is never having due dates and multiple times to redo something. What ever happened to doing things right the first time?

    And when a teacher does raise the bar, Torkelson tells them they aren't liked and then treats that teacher like c**p. How many teachers was this done to? And how many were lucky enough to then find a good job elsewhere?

    The trouble now is the school has such a poor reputation, who will higher them?

  6. Monday’s School Board meeting should be interesting? Will we learn any valuable information? Or will nothing be said? 50/50 on those question. See you there.